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Silent Movies

As you well know, (if you don’t, you will) the new updated syllabus for Secondary moves the 2nd Grade project “Silent Movies” to first grade. I wouldn’t call it a smart move because I haven’t really seen the point of the whole project in the first place, maybe for younger grades. For me, it would be a smash hit in 3rd grade if you combine it with daily activities or something like that.

Anyway, to prepare for this class, some YOUTUBE is necessary. I don’t considerate fair since there are a lot of schools without videoprojector, internet or computers but I didn’t write the syllabus.

Brief History of Silent Movies:

In general students have to see the first protomovie back in 1878 when Eadward Muybridge, a photographer realized that assembling pictures and move them could create the optical illusion of movement.

Then, it became something to gasp. It was difficult at first since the technology was still being invented.

It was until 1894 when the Kinetoscope was invented and things started to get going. Also when the Lumiere brothers invented the Cinematograph and debuted in 1895.

From that moment, things really started and films became a thing  and in less of 20 years, there were adaptations of books like Alice in Wonderland, Frankenstein, the Wizard of Oz, Pinnochio and so on.

On the most iconic actor of this era was Charlie Chaplin who started in 1914.

The Silent Movies era ended in mid 1920s with the arrival of the ‘talkie’ movies . One ‘new’ movie that makes homage to this transition time is THE ARTIST

I found a good example of a student project.

Not exactly a student project but it’s not bad.

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018. Thanksgiving Mail

One that I know. Kids love to write little notes to classmates, teachers, family, well, everybody. It’s good for them to find a real reason to write or at least draft (if they are still struggling with writing).

It’s easy writing like: date, Dear something, Thank you for… XOXO, name.

Also it’s important to teach them about envelope information like stamp; y sender and recipient name and address .

It’s Snoopy themed for 2 reasons:

  1. I love Snoopy.
  2. It’s a good reason to watch a “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”. You can watch videos like Thanksgiving Stories ~ A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING Read Aloud ~ Bedtime Story Read Along Books ( or A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (

Click here to get Thankgiving Mail right here —> thanksmail


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016. Play Money

It’s been a while that I had used play money. I have been using stars instead. But I like using money to motivate students. It teaches responsibility and some order. I like setting a little shop at the end of the year and make students practice to ask prices and simple math.


If you want to do it, I will lend you mine.

There are two versions: Bill of $1 dollar to use all year long, and the check version from $1 to $5. Honestly, I like the checks better since I can organize myself and give checks each month according to a checklist.

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015. 100 Days Project


It’s a very common thing to do in USA to count and celebrate 100 days of school… or at least it is what it looks like in Pinterest.

Since I have 1st and 2nd, it’s an excellent way to help them to learn the numbers to 1-100 (a must in 1st and a total review in 2nd in Math)… also for me to teach them some numbers.

I, personally, am also using the opportunity to tell them a short story as a part of COUNTING NUMBERS and STORIES (Silly!, I know it’s not the correct way to say it in English but it is in Spanish)

It’s ready to take it to the digital printer and just print in COVER paper. GET THE FILE RIGHT HERE —> 100 days of school


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014. Learning about Interactive Notebooks

If you write “Interactive Notebook” in Pinterest or Google, there are tons of things that you will like and would want to do in you class.

First of all, before you start buying (there a lot on sale on, check this Interactive Notebook Tips.

I actually had to study for this. I had no idea how the whole concept was. I watch a lot of youtube videos.

I really like this video to get an idea.

This one is really good. Really specific for Secondary.

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013. Birthday Stickers

Since I discovered how cheap and useful is digital printing (check last post), I want everything.

Before when the economy was better, I used to give a lollipop with their name to each student on his/her birthday. Those were cute!

HOWEVER, my economy is not better. I decided to make stickers. I think they actually prefer the stickers.


Click the link –>Stickers!

Just take the file to a digital printing place, pay, cut and enjoy.